Managing global companies, far-flung teams, and many projects and priorities require a lot of time away from the comfort of home. According to, business travel can also interrupt our need for deep connection with our loved ones. When our workday begins, it turns into a day with business lunches, followed by a hectic email catch-up that usually starts around 10 pm at our hotel. All of this can add up to a 16-18 hour day, of course, if we haven’t traveled to another time zone.

Preserve Proper Sleep

restStaying in your time zone is essential. This simple act of self-care can allow you to stay focused and clean, avoid burnout, and keep your sleep and digestive system undisturbed. Try waking up at your usual time and then catching up on emails instead of staying up late the day before. Traveling can be synonymous with adventure, refreshing experiences, and fresh air. Be sure to explore the sunlight, breathe the air, and move your body. These simple actions help regulate our nervous system and get the energy we need.

Create Time to be Alone

manDo you spend every waking moment of yours talking, worrying, shuffling between who is sitting in front of you and who is calling you, sending? The world of business as usual 9 to 5 hasn’t gone away, but you still need to effectively focus on what’s in front of you and what’s in the background. Allowing yourself the opportunity to unplug and do things that revitalize, reset, and revitalize you will only improve the caliber of your connections on the road and at home base. Plan for this opportunity every day when you make your itinerary.

Deepen Your Connections

In the long run, life is about relationships and unity. Once we use the time gained from our travels to fully connect with the people we are there for, we will enhance our mission and purpose and ensure that the work continues after we leave. So take time to eat a hearty lunch, take a walk together, do something fun in the evening, and deepen friendship, connection, and trust.

Maintain Daily Habits

workWhat we create in our lives will largely depend on what we focus on through our daily habits. Often, as executives on the road, we abandon all the good habits we have formed in our daily lives when we get off the road. We miss the habits we’ve formed about sleeping and waking hours, daily and morning rituals, fantastic rest times, and proper eating habits. Creating methods to take with us on the road is critical to maintaining our daily routine. Download 20-minute calisthenics workouts that don’t require extra clothes. 

Check Incoming Emails

Help yourself by setting boundaries when you’re on the road. Ask your coworkers for advice on how to reduce the number of copied emails that are just for your information or want follow-up from you. Inform your colleagues that you will be traveling and that you will schedule follow-up meetings that will take place when you are out of the office. Designate someone on your staff as a contact purpose when you are traveling. Proactively managing your inbox to avoid overflow can allow you to stay on top of things during the week.

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