If you consider the 7 Must-Visit Tourist Attractions for Your Extended Vacation to Charlotte, why not include the whole North Carolina? Surely, the state of North Carolina is home to a few of the nation’s most popular tourist attractions, from natural wonders to man-made feats. You will find a lot of things to see and do this if you are hanging out across the shore, frightening in the hills or seeing someplace in between. Even though you may not be able to hit all them in only one trip, below are some of the few of the must-visit destinations you need to add to your itinerary.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

smoky mountainsDue to its opportunities for outdoor recreation, vibrant plant and wildlife, and beautiful landscapes, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park draws visitors from all over the world. Located in both North Carolina (Bryson City) and Tennessee, it is regarded as America’s most visited national park. It offers opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, climbing, camping, fishing and wildlife viewing, as well as the chance to learn about Appalachian culture and history.

A particular area, the Cade’s Cove, still features several historic structures including three churches, barns, log houses and a working mill dating from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Cape Hatteras National Seashore

One of the most popular areas along the North Carolina coast is Cape Hatteras National Park, a picturesque and impressive national park with white sand beaches, salt marshes, crashing waves and historic lighthouses. Every year, visitors flock to the beautiful shores of Cape Hatteras to experience a quieter, calmer ocean vacation. In addition to the sun and sand, there are opportunities to go fishing, hiking, nature viewing, kayaking, windsurfing, snorkeling, surfing and more. Of particular interest, the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse has 257 steps, the equivalent of a 12-story climb, while the Bodie Island Lighthouse has just over 200 steps and is the equivalent of a 10-story climb.

Biltmore Estate

Baltimore estateLocated in the city and county seat of Ashville, Buncombe County, the Baltimore Estate is a historic 250-room French Renaissance-inspired chateau built by George Vanderbilt in the 1890’s. It has been a favorite for tourists since it was opened to the public in 1930. The wonder of this home’s size can only be compared to the intricate interior details and attributes that are ahead of the curve, such as the indoor pool along with the private bowling alley. With over four acres of total space, the home includes 35 bedrooms, 43 bathrooms, and 65 rooms.

Also, it has a huge banquet room and a library that can hold 10,000 volumes. Guests can choose between a self-guided tour of the house with a music panel providing background information and details about the many cameras, or a guided, educational tour with an experienced host. In addition to the house itself, there is much more to see, such as the formal gardens surrounding the house and the town of Antler Hill. The Biltmore Winery, also located on Antler Hill, has been called the most visited winery in the country and offers tastings of these reds and whites, as well as tours of the wineries and production center.

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